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Just a setting on the washing machine

“To love someone,” wrote Jean Vanier, “is to show them their beauty, their worth, and their importance.” That can be a tall order, but a few Halifax members of the Asperger’s Syndrome Parents’ Empowerment Network give it a good shot in this short video, produced by Halifax filmmakers John Hillis, Michael MacDonald, Caley MacLennan, Kimberlee McTaggert, Andrew Starzomski, and Amy Spurway:

H/T: Valerie Patterson

Alex and Mabel* share a tetrahedral kiss

National Geographic has been publishing gorgeous photographs for 125 years, so starting a Tumblr feed seems a natural step for the dowdy journal. One of the first entries features Mabel Gardiner Hubbard Bell [See update below] inside a tetrahedral kite frame, while her husband, Alexander Graham Bell, leans in for a kiss. Doesn’t it just make you wish you had known these two?

NGS Picture ID:114038

Dated October 10 16, 1903, this photo surely must have been taken at Beinn Bhreagh. Click on the image to see the full-sized version.

*UPDATE: It appears there is controversy about whether the woman in this photo is Mabel Hubbard or her daughter, Marian Hubbard Bell, known as Daisy. See my follow-up here.


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Hard-pressed parents beget lavish tooth fairies

Visa has released a new iPhone app that uses survey data to help parents calculate the going rate for tooth fairy emoluments, based on a parents’ gender, age, income, location, and educational attainment. The Atlantic’s Alexis Madrigal played with the app for a while and came up with in interesting discovery that doesn’t really surprise me much:

The smaller the amount I put in for household income, the greater the size of the average tooth fairy’s gift. In fact, I was only able to get calculator to output $5 by setting my household income to $20k per year and selecting that my highest level of educational attainment was high school. Grad school degree holders making more than $150,000 per year gave their kids an average of $1 per tooth.

Caper mâché

When Maggie turned the Big 1-0 this week, her dad made a dolphin piñata for her birthday party.

[Direct video link]

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