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Cape Breton’s musical tribute to Rita



From the opening strains of “Home I’ll Be,” played as a haunting slow air by Ashley MacIsaac, to the final chords of the same Rita MacNeil tune sung by the large ensemble of musicians  who gathered last night in her honor, the tribute concert organized by Joella Foulds and Max MacDonald was magnificent.

A few highlights:

No one plays Cape Breton fiddle better than Ashley MacIsaac, and the slow air displays the instrument’s greatest emotive power.

One tends to think first of Rita’s lyrics, but the concert brought home the power and grace of her melodies.

Bette MacDonald was hilarious as always, but Maynard Morrison’s comic performance was a tour-de-force. He has simply never been funnier than he was last night.

Video clips of Rita assembled by Shot-on-Site’s Darcy Campbell were alternately poignant and funny. Perhaps the best was excerpted from a Trailer Park Boys episode in which the denizens of Sunnyvale hijacked Rita’s tour bus, and forced the band to harvest marijuana, at gunpoint, in the dark. “Here’s a nice one dear.” Rita declared sweetly, passing a particularly lush frond to Ricky.

Doris Mason may be Nova Scotia’s most under-appreciated musician (“Not by me,” I hear 10,000 fans responding), and after Rita, she may have the best set of pipes. Matt Minglewood joined her in a rendition of “The Valley of Strathlorne” that was the best I’ve heard.

Matt’s vocal range and power are breathtaking. “Couldn’t you just spread him on a cracker and eat him,” Bette asked at one point, before turning back to Matt and adding, “Wait out in the truck dear, I’ll be right there.”

North Sydney native* Kim Dunnwho played keyboards in Rita’s last tour band, talked movingly of Rita’s generosity in sharing her stage with younger, less prominent musicians. His performance of “Inspiration” illustrated the point. It’s a song he wrote that Rita loved, and often asked him to sing on stage. Dunn, who now works out of Halifax, was a standout throughout the evening.

The Men of the Deeps made their thrilling signature entrance — from the back of the hall, in the dark, helmet lamps lit — as Doris sang a rousing gospel version of “Watch Over Me.” Once assembled on stage, they broke into “Coal Town Road.” A fellow performer told me several days after the show the Men were visibly shaken on by their loss.

There were so many standout performances, so many reminders of the concentrated musical talent on this island. The collective impact was a deeper impression of, and fondness for, Rita’s music and character. Proceeds from the concert will fund the Rita MacNeil Memorial Music Scholarship for students attending Cape Breton University’s new music degree program, to which you can add your donation here.

* Thanks to Angus MacDougall for pointing this out.

Revue Redux


The velvet-voiced Max MacDonald leads the cast of the Cape Breton Summertime Revue in a chorus of “Everybody’s Going to the Bungalow” Tuesday night at Glace Bay’s Savoy Theatre. The revival of the anthemic show, which ran from 1986 to 1998 and launched the careers of many of Cape Breton’s best known performers, is playing five nights to packed — and rapturous — houses.

Like its namesake, the revival combines poignant lyrics and melodies, like those of Leon Dubinsky’s heart-wrenching, “Remember the Miner,”

Remember the miner; have a thought for the one

Who’s working the back shift while this song’s being sung.

His blood keeps you warm; It burns like the sun.

with topical satire, like Max’s faux radio newscast:

Former MLA Dave Wilson plans a sequel to his book, Talkback. The new version will be called Won’tTalkback.

Some 250 shack lobster staged a protest at Province House today. “Boiled alive is one thing,” said their leader, “but $3.50 a pound is unacceptable.”

In addition to MacDonald, cast members include show veterans Bette MacDonald, Maynard Morrison, Wendy MacIsaac, Fred Lavery, Allie Bennett, Richard Burke, Dave McKeough, Stephen Muise, Brian Talbot, and Matt Minglewood, plus newcomers Ciarán MacGillivray, Fiona MacGillivray,  Claire Pettit, and Bruce Timmins, aka The Cottars. Barring an extension, the show runs through Wednesday night.

A load of Minglewood

L to R: Bassist Fred Lavery, guitarist Dave McKeough, and old time rocker Matt Mainglewood, testign the limits of the iPhone's flashless camera.

L to R: Bassist Fred Lavery, guitarist Dave McKeough, and old time rocker Matt Mainglewood, testing the limits of the iPhone's flashless camera.

A decidedly graying crowd of hardcore Matt Minglewood fans packed the Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club over the weekend for the latest in Colleen MacDonald’s Load of Wood music nights.

Minglewood was joined by some of Cape Breton’s best loved session musicians, including Fred Lavery on bass, Dave McKeough on guitar,  Ian Aker on sax, Kenny Boone on mouth harp, and James Munroe on trombone.

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