How to cast a strategic vote in Nova Scotia

I don't usually repeat posts, but this election is important, so for any who missed it, here is Contrarian's Guide to Strategic Voting in Nova Scotia. In the latest Angus Reid poll, 49 percent of Liberal voters and 36 percent of NDP voters expressed a willingness to consider voting for a … Continue reading

Paving the way for Tories — feedback

Contrarian reader Wallace J. McLean wonders: How does the map of road work requested by Premier Fiddler compare to the provincial electoral map as it stood prior to dissolution? It's an obvious question, but from a look at the map, I doubt the answer would turn up anything … Continue reading

Paving the way for Tories

When the Harper Government announced an Infrastructure Stimulus Plan focused on construction-ready projects, Nova Scotia saw a golden opportunity to make headway on a huge problem: its crumbling highway system. The province sought federal approval for 39 paving projects. But Ottawa approved … Continue reading