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Steve Jobs: Three stories about my life

As an antidote to Keillor’s unpleasantness, check out this short, sweet talk by Apple founder and design genius Steve Jobs, his 2005 commencement address to the graduates of Stanford University. Contrarian doesn’t usually link to YouTube videos with three million views, but perhaps some of you missed it, as we had.

Hat tip: Doug MacKay.

Does Down syndrome need to be “cured?” – reader feedback #1


Cathy Brady

Many readers have responded thoughtfully, and at length, to our post about  Jenn Power’s reaction to news that Stanford University researchers had made headway toward a potential treatment for the cognitive impairment that is one feature of Down syndrome.

I’ve received a wide range of views from parents and researchers, about both Down syndrome and autism. Thanks to all who contributed.

Contrarian is on the road with limited Internet access. I’ll be posting these as I can over the next few days, more or less in the order I received them.

Several are quite long, and deserve to be read in their entirety, so look for an illustrative excerpt, with  the longer submission after the jump.