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How much is that doggie in the iPhone?

Our friend Teresa, a radiation tech at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital, volunteers at the SPCA. Lately she has posted photos of impounded dogs in the nuclear medicine department. On Monday, this caused a hospital visitor to remark that he really should get over to the SPCA and look for a new dog. His beloved labrador had died several months ago.

“I have pictures on my iPhone of all the dogs up for adoption, if you’d like to scroll through them,” Teresa offered.

The man did just that, until he came upon this photo:


“That’s Cheesie!” the man said. “That’s my friend’s dog!”

He explained that his friend’s mother was seriously ill. Cheesie had wandered off a few days ago, but his friend had been spending so much time with his mother in hospital, he’d been unable to mount a proper search.

“Well Cheesie is definitely at the SPCA—and up for adoption,” Teresa said. The man called Cheesie’s owner, and Teresa texted the photo to him.

Half an hour later, man and dog wee reunited.