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How many Americans have guns killed since Sandy Hook?

100? 500? 1,000? The correct answer is much higher: more than 22 fatal shootings per day in the first 98 days since the horrific elementary school massacre.

Huffpo has an interactive chart: (Please don’t just look at the graphic. Click on the link and then on “next.”)

gundeaths since sandy hook


For Queen and country – updated

Warm-up: England vs. USA. our friend David appears to have scored a ticket.

[Update]One Contrarian reader doesn’t like the horns:

Dear Sepp Blatter,

Day 2 and I am happy to say that the sound level from the mics catching those damned horns has been dialed down a little by the broadcasters. It is the World Cup not the South Africa Cup.

I want to hear supporters from around the world singing, chanting, dancing, booing, hissing, whistleing, banging drums (not continuously), lauging, moaning, oohing and aahing. Stuff your ‘cultural’ BS as the reason for inflicting a steady droning noise on billions of viewers around the world and the thousands of fans who have travelled from all over the world.

Please Mr Blatter, let the broadcasters tunr the sound fom field mics down to Level I.

I don’t like watching the World Cup with the sound on my TV turned off. Horns are OK when South Africa are playing but please let us all remember it is an event to be enjoyed by all the world.

If you are unable to accommodate my request I shall order the massed pipes of all the Scottish & Canadian forces as well as the pipe bands from the New York & Boston police departments to make a special appearance at the next World Cup.

In eager anticipation,
Colin May

Visual data: landmass and population by country

Landmass v population-stub-smaller

A mysteriously anonymous website, Herald Daily (or at least weekly), has published this intriguing graphic contrasting the population density and land mass of the Earth’s 19 most capacious nations. I’ve included only a stub of the original, very large graphic here. Click on the image to see the whole thing.

Hat tip: Flowingdata.com.