CBC weather panic – (cont.)

DannyTropical storm Danny is currently a ‘disorganized’ system that may or may not become a hurricane, ‘albeit a weak one.’

By contrarian‘s back-of-the-envelope calculations, it lies roughly 2300 km south-southwest of Halifax. At its present speed of 17 km/hr, it could reach Nova Scotia in a just under six days—if it traveled in a straight line, which it won’t.

But that’s close enough for the weather hysterics at CBC News to warn that it “could strengthen into a hurricane and affect Atlantic Canada by the weekend.” Gee, maybe they should cancel normal programming.

This continues a policy established last winter, when the first hint of a suggestion of a rumor of a snow flurry launched local CBC stations into full panic. Lock your doors! Stay off the roads! Snowflakes have been spotted in East Green Harbour, and they’re Headed This Way! Call 1-800-582-5526 to cancel all planned events.

Abetted by Environment Canada’s lengthening and bewildering menu of ominous Alerts, Advisories, Watches, Warnings, and Special Weather Statements, CBC forecasts go from zero to shrill faster than you can batten a hatch.

For the love of Pete, cut it out. Over-warning about weather and wolves is just as dangerous as under-warning. Someone is going to get hurt or die because more and more citizens are simply tuning this crap out.

I know it’s summertime, but please, push back your chair, get out of your office, and go find some real news. Stop predicting possible but unlikely news five days before it fails to happen.

UPDATE: The Herald gets in on the act.