Mayor Morgan plays the race card

Contrarian reader Kirby McVicar offers an interesting take on Mayor John Morgan’s problems with the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society:

“The mainlanders are out to screw us all!”

This is what I call Mayor Morgan’s race card. Morgan says the Halifax/Ottawa bunch are keeping Cape Breton down with unfair distribution of wealth, with judges who are political appointees, and by using ECBC as a political tool that lets “outsiders” and “mainlanders” have it all.

Cries of “Go, John, go!” can be heard from 80% of the kitchens in CBRM. And when the mainland media take on Johnny-Boy’s opinions, you’ll hear this same group say, “See, they are out to get us!”

As damaging as Morgan’s “race card” has been and continues to be, from a purely selfish re-election plan, it is genius. Because it works.