Your lying pants

1950s-honeymooners Last year, James Fallows illustrated the growing girth of North American’s by digging up photos from the 1950s of Jackie Gleason, Alfred Hitchcock, and Ramond Burr. Gleason was a notorious fatso. Hitchcock and Burr were celebrated symbols of portliness. None would draw a second look today.

Now comes evidence that the shift in our perception of what constitutes fat has been getting a quiet nudge from pants manufacturers in the form of “vanity sizing.”

Abram Sauer, of Esquire’s Style Blog, snuck a measuring tape into the change rooms of a series of men’s retail chains and came back with this heartbreaking news about the real state of his, and our, waistlines:

Lying Pants-550

I recently bought some Haggar and Dockers pants on extreme sale at the Bay. My, but they’re comfy. Now I know why, dammit.

Hat tip: Daily Dish.

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