A felon no more

I received a polite phone call this morning from Chief Electoral Officer Richard Temporale, acknowledging that the Nova Scotia Elections Act would not support a conviction against me on the alleged offence of photographing and tweeting my ballot. In other words, what I did is not against the law. They are dropping the case.

We already suspected as much, because the one-year time limit for laying a charge under the act expired October 5. I am grateful to Jason Cooke, an outstanding young civil litigator at Burchells, who sent Elections Nova Scotia a brief last January, pointing out that the Act did not outlaw my actions.

The support I received from across the political spectrum was inspiring. I am particularly grateful to Premier Stephen McNeil.


Having voted PC, I was not surprise to receive Prime Minister Harper’s support.


Lenore Zann’s robust endorsement was particularly touching.

Zann copy

Even Dana Doiron, elections compliance bulldog, was generous enough to come around in the end.

Doiron copy

Of course, the endorsement I most cherish came from the late, great Joseph Howe.

Joe Howe

Photoshop wizardry courtesy of Peter Barss.