More roundabouts, please

Halifax Commons Rotary copy

Here’s an aerial photograph taken yesterday of the gorgeous, WSP-designed roundabout taking shape at the northeast corner of the Halifax Commons, in front of the Halifax Armoury. Construction of bike trails and pedestrian walkways on adjacent sections of the Commons will take place over the next two weeks.

Construction of a companion roundabout at the right edge of this photo, where North Park St. meets Cogswell, Trollope, Ahern Ave., and Rannie Drive at the foot of Citadel Hill will begin next Spring. Once workers complete that job next year, an underground electrical system will go into service, enabling NS Power to remove utility poles from the area.

Roundabouts smooth traffic flows, increase roadway capacity, enhance safety, lessen idling, and curb pollution. They are a fantastic improvement. Nova Scotia could use 200 more. Congratulations to all involved.

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