Magical belief systems – radio wave division

Kings County council declined to endorse the location of an Eastlink high speed Internet tower at Victoria Harbour, part of the Nova Scotia Rural Broadband Initiative that will bring high speed Internet access to all Nova Scotians by year’s end. [Disclosure: I have done consulting work for Seaside Wireless, which is installing similar towers in northern Nova Scotia and Cape Breton.]

It seems a nearby organic garlic producer objected that radiation from the tower woud compromise the integrity of his produce. Eastlink offered to move the tower 620 feet further away. Not good enough.  Supporters and opponents of the proposed tower produced duelling petitions, with pro-tower signatures outnumbering anti- by nearly two to one.

Fortunately, council’s decision is not binding. Still, one wonders why politicians cower in the face of such looney-toonery.