Paradise lost


When I was a child my Grandpa would take me
Down to old Wentworth Park where we’d feed the birds
The majestic old poplars offered leaf-dappled sunshine
And a feeling so peaceful it silenced all words.

Oh Grandpa won’t you take me back to old Wentworth Park
We’ll tarry ‘neath the shade trees down by the duck pond.
I’m sorry my grandsons, you’re too late in asking
The city’s contractor has hacked them all down

(With apologies to John Prine)

[UPDATE: Most of the cutting is a fait accompli, but several large trees in the area of the planned tot lot are marked for apparent removal with spray-painted Xs. In a private email message, Councillor Ray Paruch, who has done a commendable job shepherding the park project, says he has spoken to the park contractor and asked them to  save as many of the remaining trees as possible.]

[UPDATE II:  Councillor Paruch reports that the contractor has altered plans for the tot lot so that no more trees will come down. A few will be pruned.]

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