Weather and Flight AF447


Aviation and weather buffs will want to study this exceptionally detailed analysis of severe weather in the area where Air France Flight 447 went down last week. While newscasts this morning centered of the role possibly faulty speed sensors, Tim Vasquez of the website Weather Graphics speculates intelligently on such factors as turbulence, lightning, icing, hail, and other precipitation.

This is a brilliant piece of work, clear and if you have an elementary understanding of meterology it is quite easy to follow.
Having spent a lot of time in the tropics I can attest to the high altitude ‘anvil’ formations . Even flying through the tropics it never occurred to me the very hazardous weather was a possible threat; but having flown all over the world I never thought the aircraft would do anything other than get me to the airport.
If you go to hs ‘Home’ read about his time in the simulator of a 747.

Thanks to contrarian reader Colin May for passing it along.