UARB decision sharply critical of NSP

Given UARB Chairman Peter Gurnham’s frequent criticism of NSP during hearings on the biomass project, it is no surprise that today’s decision aims strong language at the utility.

Written by Gurnham, the decision calls NSP’s application, “incomplete [and] poorly documented.” Gurnham acknowledges the urgency of reducing NSP’s carbon output, but adds, “the progress of this project has likely been delayed because of NSPI’s action.”

The Board is acutely aware of the carbon challenge faced by all who produce and consume carbon producing fuels and faced by those who regulate them. NSPI, its customers, and this Board, face particular challenges because of NSPI’s heavy reliance on coal. Significant and sometimes bold steps will need to be taken to meet the carbon targets that are likely to be imposed by Government. But that does not mean anyone can sacrifice thorough analysis and documentation of solutions. Indeed, it emphasizes the need for same. NSPI does not do itself, or the public it serves, or the Board, any favour by bringing an incomplete, poorly documented application to the Board and asking for urgent approval. Indeed, the Board observes that the progress of this project has likely been delayed because of NSPI’s action in this regard. The carbon challenge will require a timely but well conceived and thorough response if the challenge is to be met.