The cove that got away – updated

Pollett's CoveExplore, Canada’s outdoor magazine, has added a feature on Pollett’s Cove in northern Cape Breton to its website. Moneyquote:

When you research and read about Pollett’s Cove on Cape Breton Island, NS, you realize it’s one of those special places that consistently puts it at the top of favourite lists among the hikers and backpackers who have conquered it, regardless of where they’ve been in the world… I have to say Pollett’s Cove has been my most rewarding and scenic hike ever.

Yes, that would be the same Pollett’s Cove that Nova Scotia was too stunned to protect when it had a chance to buy the property two years ago for a fraction of the price it paid for lesser scenic attractions on the mainland.

Update: A mainlander responds:

I have to say, Pollett’s Cove is probably the most beautiful place I have ever been, anywhere. Friends from Denmark hiked in with me and we stayed a couple of days. We swam in the river and watched the sun dip into the gulf while cows grazed around us in the ruins of the old village. It was unforgettable.