Rosie running -cropped -sRosie, who died yesterday at 13, was the World’s Most Food-Motivated Dog. She won the title with a stunt modern science has yet to explain.

sardine can 1-ssOne evening about five years ago, I returned home from a day-trip to Sydney with a notion to make a sardine sandwich for supper. I had left an unopened tin of sardines on the kitchen table before leaving for town. At least, I thought I had, but now I couldn’t find it.

Losing things is nothing new for Contrarian, and finding them is not his long suit. I spent a few minutes searching for the sardines, then made something else for supper.

While putting Rosie to bed later that night, I spotted the sardine can stashed among the blankets at the back of her sleeping crate. She had chewed the top off, and extracted every morsel of fish and every drop of sardine oil. The can didn’t even smell of sardines anymore.

In horror, I rushed to inspect Rosie’s mouth, expecting to find her lips and tongue shredded. Not a nick. Rosie was fit as a fiddle, and wondering when her next meal would arrive.

“Golden slumber close your eyes.” And sate your tummy.

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“Agile and resourceful.”  — Judy Kavanagh

“Always very cordial.”  — Sharon Fraser

“I remember the day we were walking her and Hattie in Point Pleasant Park, and she wandered off (sniffing stuff no doubt). For close to an hour while we searched the entire park.  She came back like nothing had happened.”  — Wendy Barnable

“I always had a soft spot for your good and faithful companion.”  — John Hugh Edwards

“A wonderful companion, confidant, and all-around dedicated pooch.”  Jessica Baxter