Rosie – a postscript (updated)

Doug MacKay-croppedDoug MacKay, who edited the Halifax Daily News in its heyday, writes from Toronto:

I am sorry to read that Rosie passed away. From the moment she peed on the editor’s carpet, I knew she and her owner were of like mind. A great companion.

For the record, Rosie only ever peed on the editor’s carpet once, and at a young age. It is acknowledged, however, that the stain never came out, and may have played a role in Transcontinental’s subsequent decision to abandon the Burnside location.

UPDATE: What is it with beagles and journalists? James Cobb, Automobiles Editor of the New York Times, writes:

We lost our own eternally voracious beagle, Chad, more than two years ago. I still cannot open the squeaky pantry door, where the treats were (and are) kept, without expecting him to materialize with hungry eyes and pleading tail. He managed to hear the faint sound wherever on the property he was, no matter the activity he had been engaged in.

Chad looked remarkably like your Rosie, and we miss him terribly. My heartfelt condolences.