Parks Canada: a finger on the tendering scale – updated

Parks Canada is looking for a contractor to develop a ├žoastal beaches stewardship manual for New Brunswick. A posting on the MERX tendering website lists the following mandatory qualifications for the less-than-$25,000 contract:

parks-canada-beaver-brown-sRecent experience (within the last 3 years) conducting research and monitoring activities and writing professional communications documents related to species at risk and ecological issues in New Brunswick. The contractor must demonstrate his/her knowledge of local community issues, as well as his/her knowledge of piping plover ecology and have experience in communicating piping plover and coastal messages in New Brunswick.

Gee, do you suppose Parks Canada might have a certain someone in mind for this contract?

[UPDATE] Cynical Contrarian reader JM comments:

And it’s probably someone who got a golden handshake in the last few years and is getting a good pension. Why give work to someone who needs it when you can give it to someone who doesn’t?