Are promises for fools?

Contrarian reader Colin May writes :

Do you know anyone who believed the three promises made by DD and his colleagues ? Did you believe they would be able to keep the ERs open ?  Everyone in the health business knew it was BS.

Voters just wanted rid of Rodney, they cared less about reality. The less said about the media the better.

Looks like Premier McNeil in four years, about the only bright light in the Canadian Liberal firmament.

Stan Jones adds:

While I tend to agree with the recommendations in the report, I wonder if it isn’t true that Dexter and Steele knew pretty much what the report would say the day they appointed the experts.

The views of all four of them are surely well-known (and if Dexter and Steele didn’t know them, why did they appoint them?) and nothing in the report surprises me, given what each has said in the past.