Speaking of bad science, here’s an early, poetic screed on  homeopathy attributed* to Rev. George Washington Doane (1799-1859), professor of belles-lettres at Washington (now Trinity) College, Hartford, Connecticut; rector of Christ church, Boston; and, later, Episcopal bishop of New Jersey:

Take a little rum
The less you take the better
Pour it in the lakes
Of Wener or of Wetter.

Dip a spoonful out
And mind you don’t get groggy,
Pour it in the lake
Of Winnipissiogie.

Stir the mixture well
Lest it prove inferior,
Then put half a drop
Into Lake Superior.

Every other day
Take a drop in water,
You’ll be better soon
Or at least you oughter.

* A few sources sources attribute Lines on Homeopathy to Rev. Doane’s son, Rev. William Crosswell Doane (1832 – 1913), Episcopal bishop of Albany.