Nova Scotia giraffes

Taylor-2-200 Some Nova Scotia submissions to the website, where Stavanger, Norway, resident Ola Helland is using crowdsourcing to try and win a bet that he can assemble one million images of giraffes in a year. He is currently at 800,000. Taylor-1 15 halifax-200 peter meredith 24-266 Taylor 15 Yarmouth-266 Alina 17 Halifax-200 Dalbtron3000-200 Dalbtron-anti-266 Joshsa-Sydney-166 Lydia 18 - halifax-166 Lydia-2 halifax-155 Left to right, top to bottom, first two images by Taylor, age 15, Halifax; then Peter Merideth, 24, Antigonish; Taylor again; Alina, 17, Halifax; next two by Dalbtron3000, 29, Antigonish; Joshua, 31, Sydney; and the last two images by Lydia, 18, Halifax.