That Rolling Stone article

Oh, not that Rolling Stone article. One you weren’t expecting. Money quote:

pete_seeger-300x300 Seeger switched to a 12-string guitar and began a hymn-like finger-picked version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” He told the story behind the classic Wizard of Oz track, recounting how lyricist Yip Harburg and composer Harold Arlen held a successful two-man protest to get the studio to include the song in the film. Seeger looked up at the ceiling and apologized to the deceased Harburg for having to change the lyric “Why can’t I” to “Why can’t you and I?” and explained his logic: “If I’d been there when little Dorothy said, ‘Why can’t I?’ I’d tell her, ‘Dorothy, it’s because you only asked for yourself. You’ve got to ask for everybody, because either we’re all going to make it over that rainbow or nobody is going to make it.’ “

Hat tip: Ann Molison