Irving Schwartz stories – 4

Irving once helped sponsor a ship-wreck salvage operation off the northern tip of Cape Breton. One calm, sunny day, he ventured onto the salvage ship to see the work underway. Shortly after his arrival, an equipment problem halted operations for several hours.

Irving, a notorious Type A personality, paced the decks restlessly. In the distance, he could see St. Paul’s Island, the barren rock outcropping that lies a quarter of the way to Port-aux-Basque, NL. Irving directed the crew to lower the ship’s tender into the water, and moments later, he was alone on Cabot Strait, rowing toward St. Paul’s.

Upon reaching the island, he explored the vertical shoreline for a few minutes until he found a place with just enough room to haul the dinghy ashore. He clambered up the cliff and starting walking toward the lighthouse at the opposite end of the island.

He had closed half the distance when the door of the lighthouse burst open, and the keeper appeared.

“Irving!” he exclaimed. “Am I glad to see you! You know that wringer-washer you sold me? It’s stopped working.”

Everyone knew Irving.

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