The demeaning way we hire teachers – feedback

Port Hawkesbury resident Bert Lewis writes:

You have only touched the tip of the iceberg in educational reform. Expand your thoughts to the entire system including colleges and universities with the P-12 system. Nova Scotia should lead the way in designing a system for 2011 to replace systems that were implemented many years ago to serve a different time. Long overdue and holding us back.

Surely Mr. Lewis, a retired Community College Principal and recent NDP by-election candidate, will elaborate.

Meanwhiles, HRM resident Ryan Van Horne  recalls:

Your comment about the hiring process is bang on. That’s exactly why I never considered becoming a teacher in Nova Scotia. Even my wife, who is a bilingual math teacher, would have to go through the same rigmarole if she wanted to move from a private school, where she’s been teaching for 10 years, to the public system.

It’s about time someone said it. Let’s hope someone is paying attention and we see some change based on common sense.

[Van Horne stresses that he is speaking only for himself.]