Headline, lede, & pic of the week

Salon sex columnist Tracy Clark-Flory clucks disapprovingly at what she deems excessive media coverage of that award-winning New Mexico state trooper busted on security cam having sex on duty and in uniform with a woman splayed across the hood of her Honda.

Contrarian takes a different view. You cannot spend as much time in newsrooms as we have without developing a grudging admiration for the comic extremes of tabloid chutzpah. We particularly admire the Hispanic-oriented, Chicago-based website Hispanically Speaking News for shining a spotlight on the small but curious dog that wandered in for a closer look at the steamy curbside quickie, and for linking both cop and pooch to its core demographic.

The story’s lede and photo illustration evinced similarly admirable attention to detail:

As a thoughtful bonus, Hispanically Speaking News provided a (possibly NSW) animated gif of the carnal canine-cop caper.