Jobs and politics, NDP style — “That’s just wrong.”

Nova Scotia’s New Democratic Party is wasting no time making hay in the sunshine of its Bowater bailout with a direct-mail flyer that’s sure to infuriate opposition parties.

The one-page card, featuring a photo of Premier Darrell Dester and Queens MLA Vicki Conrad, will start appearing in South Shore mailboxes this week. It uses Chronicle-Herald headlines to highlight the Dexter Government’s rescue of the financially shaky newsprint mill, contrasting it with a jaundiced appraisal of opposition efforts.

The NDP government is protecting 2,000 jobs with an investment in the mill workers and the Bowater Mersey pulp and paper mill in Queens County by targeting help in training, energy efficiency, and productivity improvements….

During difficult times, the people of the South Shore stood together. And I am proud to say the Government of Nova Scotia stood right there with you. — Premier Darrell Dexter

But those opposition scoundrels?

The Liberals and Tories are still doing old-style politics.

They are opposing the deal to save 2000 jobs.

But they won’t put forward a plan of their own.

That’s just wrong.

Ouch. Could this be the first volley in the 2012 election campaign?