A banjo in North End Sydney


The composer, lead vocalist, and guitarist is Alicia Penney, one-time lead singer with the Tom Fun Orchestra. She’s accompanied by local hero Steven Wilton on percussion, Ben Furey on banjo (yes!) and vocals, and Carolyn Lionais on vocals. Sydney punk rock veteran Harry Doyle produced the session did the sound mix at his Small Studios.

[Correction:] Jenni Welsh and Stefan MacNeil produced the video. Kudos to Welsh, who’s been doing pro bono videos for a lot of alternative (i.e. other-than-Celtic) musicians Cape Breton.

Starting perhaps with the Be Good Tanyas, or perhaps much earlier with John McCutcheon, the banjo is enjoying new life as a soft, gentle instrument that has nothing to set it apart from an onion. A great development.

H/T: Leah Noble