‘Fraidy cat province: Strait-Richmond edition

The Strait-Richmond Regional School Board cancelled classes in all schools today. Apparently there’s a wicked storm underway.

Thank God the children are safe. Not to mention the teachers and board administrators, union members all, right up to the superintendent.

To be fair, there is snow visible in half of these highway cam images from the school board’s catchment area, just none on the actual roads beings monitored. In case you missed Jim Meek’s column on this subject in Saturday’s Herald, you can find it here. Said Meek:

My idea of hell is [CBC weather dude Peter] Coade broadcasting the weather forecast in an endless loop on TV, which is pretty well what CBC Nova Scotia passes off as news these days. (Just add in crime, and you’ve got the formula.)

It’s not that I have anything against Coade, a good man stuck in an assembly line job. It’s just that we have now endured months of warnings about weather bombs that never exploded; slippery roads that didn’t materialize; and storm forecasts that yielded to sunny days.

What will it take to restore some common sense to these decisions?