In support of $200 fill-ups

Yesterday, I succumbed to self-pity about a gastank fill-up that edged perilously close to a C-note. Contrarian regular Denis Falvey offers a dose of reality:

We will never get off our dependance on gasoline until the cost of a gallon of the stuff is through the roof. That’s what makes the alternatives affordable.

I am told that Quebec is currently building the infrastructure necessary for electric cars, and has an $8,000 allowance for each person buying a Volt. Whether that is good or bad, do you think it would happen with gas at $0.50 a gallon?

As long as fish caught off our coast can be shipped to China for processing and then sold on our market two things are true – gas is too cheap, and so is Chinese labour.

Smile! This is change happening. Local may become important again.