These Canadian fans

The surprisingly (to me) young audience that gathered Thursday night at Empire’s Park Lane Cinema in Halifax to see a simulcast of the American Public Radio program This American Life.

The slightly older audience that gathered for the actual show at the Skirball Center for the Performing Arts in New York City:

Given the affection for radio among Canada’s chattering classes, I’m surprised at how many Nova Scotians have never heard of This American Life, a superb one-hour program produced each week at WBEZ in Chicago. A typical episode features a collection  documentaries, essays, readings, memoirs, and found footage loosely grouped around a single theme. By times quirky, funny, and serious, it’s one of the reasons I spend more time listening to podcasts these days than to the CBC.

The live show featured the writer David Sedaris, a short film by Mike Mike Birbiglia, music by the Chicago group OK Go, and a hilarious routine by comedian Tig Notaro about a series of chance encounters she had with singer Taylor Dayne. Sample TAL’s archive of 463 shows or subscribe to the podcast.