Has Chief Spence got the Harpersphere worried?

Right-wing blogger and Maclean’s columnist Colby Cosh professes consternation at his discovery that running a hunger strike from a makeshift teepee in the middle of the Ottawa River involves actual out-of-pocket expenses, for which supporters of the striker might solicit actual contributions.

Screen Shot 2012-12-29 at 1.46.54 PMPressing his dudgeon pedal to the metal, Cosh waxes indignant at Chief Theresa Spence for “distort[ing] the perceived integrity” of “the most morally serious activity a protester can undertake.” Oh, the humanity!

Cosh concludes his thinly veiled ad hominem attack by speculating that Spence’s “demands aren’t in earnest and the whole thing is no more than a publicity ploy.” Well thank goodness for that.

From this I conclude it must have dawned on Cosh that Spence’s vigil and the associated First Nation demonstrations that swept the country Christmas week hold outsized potential to cause trouble for Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government.

Let’s hope he’s right.