Public service announcement: Marshy Hope season opens

Marshy Hope April 2013

New Brunswick can have its Magnetic Hill, but for my money, when it comes to gravity defiance, nothing beats Uphill Brook at Marshy Hope in Pictou County.

Motorists travelling the TransCanada 104 between New Glasgow and Antigonish take note that the next few weeks, when melting snow fills Nova Scotia’s streams but foliage has not yet sprouted on our perennial shrubs, mark the best season for observing this physics-defying natural phenomenon.

Sir Isaac Newton, the inventor of gravity, went to his grave without offering any explanation for it.

From the turn at the bottom of the valley that is Marshy Hope, Uphill Brook runs uphill for about 200 yards (182.88 meters) before disappearing through a culvert under the highway. The spectacle is best appreciated from an eastbound vehicle.