Tar Ponds transition nears completion

2013-07-17 Tar Ponds View to Northwest copy

Capping and containment of the last sections of the former Sydney Tar Ponds nears completion. Looking northwest from the top of the old Sysco slag heap, this image, taken Wednesday evening, shows the mouth of the newly restored Muggah Creek. What appears to be black soil at the side of the stream is actually plastic sheeting, part of the engineered containment system for the stabilized and solidified coal byproducts below.

2013-07-17 Tar Ponds Southwest view copy

From the same vantage point, the view to the southwest shows the Ferry Street bridge in the distance. Containment and capping of solidified wastes in the north Tar Pond, on the far side of the bridge, is largely complete except for sodding, planting, and site enhancements.

The monkey will soon be off Sydney’s back.