Aging-white-dude watch

Previously, Contrarian’s curmudgeonly friend, who happens to be an aging white man, commented sardonically on all the factors besides talent that Stephen McNeil would have to weigh in selecting a cabinet. Contrarian, who is likewise aging and white [see illustration at right], allowed himself to fantasize about a cabinet chosen solely on the basis of ability.

One Contrarian reader took this as a prescription for a cabinet of old white men, to which I replied, “Seriously? Aren’t we past the day when aging white men with old ideas are the only people thought to have talent?”

Contrarian reader Jesse Gainer writes:

I’m rather shocked you find this shocking. There is little to no evidence to support the idea that we live in some post-racial Utopian society that has moved on from an old-white-dude-centric view of what is best for people, especially since the majority of decision makers in western society continue to be old white dudes.

It is rather funny that an aging white man would write an opinion column expressing shock that aging white men still benefit from privilege.