Citizen Boudreau

Citizen Boudreau 1

Loran Tweedie and I attended the biweekly meeting of Richmond County Council last night, where we met Lorenzo Boudreau, ago 90. It was Loran’s and my first time attending a Richmond Council meeting. It was Boudreau’s 854th. He’s been coming since 1984.

“To the best of my memory, I haven’t missed a single meeting,” he said.

His memory appears to be good. When Loran introduced himself, Lorenzo asked if he was Jack Tweedie’s son.

“Grandson,” said Loran.

“On January 29, 1953, Jack was working at Sydney Auto Parts.”

“He did work at Sydney Auto Parts,” said Loran, “but why do you remember that particular day?”

“Because on January 29, 1953, your grandfather loaned me $1,200.”

That’s about $10,400 in today’s dollars. Lorenzo used it to open an Irving gas station.