Mini-barn flying circus

A disgruntled shopper of our acquaintance recounts his efforts to buy a shed. A shed he could see, but could not buy.

Me: I’d like to buy the pre-assembled shed advertised outside your store for $600.

Kent guy: We don’t have any.

shedMe: But I see one outside you store.

Kent guy: That’s the display model.

Me: So the display model is not for sale?

Kent guy: No. It’s the display model.

Me: So the display model is advertising an item you don’t have for sale?

Kent guy: I could order one in for you.

Me: Wonderful!

Kent guy: It wouldn’t be assembled, though.

Me: OK, so I would have to put it together.

Kent guy: It wouldn’t be at the sale price. It would be the regular price: $1,039.

Me: I see. So, your assembled sheds cost $400 less than the ones your customers have to put together.

Kent guy: Well the sale price is only for the pre-assembled one.

Me: Yes, and you don’t have any of those.

Kent guy: Except for the display model.

Me: Which isn’t for sale.

Kent guy: That’s right.

Me: It’s not much of a cheese shop, is it?

Shut your festering gob, you tit!