Fart Day? Seriously? Fart Day?

Our curmudgeonly friend’s sardonic cousin writes:

What have you got against insightful and inspired young folks?

fartingA few days ago I heard a CBC interview with a Mom who was just so darn proud of her two-year-old son because he decided not to accept presents on his second birthday. Instead, he invited guests to bring a financial donation to some worthy cause. The young boy raised a few hundred dollars for the cause. I was so overwhelmed by this child’s selflessness, I forgot what the cause was.

Stop engaging in childism! Give kids a chance!

“Fart Day” has a nice ring to it. “Hey, what are ya doin’ on Fart Day?” “Are banks closed on Fart Day?”

Fart Day could definitely stick. Youngsters wishing to further the Fart Day cause can email the Minister of Labour at MIN_LAE@gov.ns.ca or tweet her at @KellyReganNS.