A tangible way to show support for Ryan Millet


A friend and supporter of Ryan Millet tells me he can’t wait to get out of Nova Scotia. Who can blame him, after the abusive treatment he received at the hands of Dalhousie University?

A group of Dalhousie professors, led by Leslie Barnes, Assistant Professor of Health Promotion, has turned to the Indiegogo crowdfunding site to show Millet most Nova Scotians admire and support him.

Lets Help Ryan see Nova Scotia and Dalhousie differently
Ryan Millet is the fourth year Dentistry student who was the whistleblower for the Dalhousie Dentistry “Gentlemen’s” Facebook group. He and his family with three young children suffered punitive measures as a result of his bringing the misogynist Facebook page to light. Let’s help him see that Dalhousie, Nova Scotia residents, and others applaud what he did and want to help him weather the crisis.

You can contribute to the fund here.

Mindful of Millet’s enormous student loans and legal fees—he’s nearly $500,000 in debt—sponsors have set a $300,000 goal* for the fund. I doubt they’ll get anywhere near that total, but I believe the dollar amount is less important than donor numbers.

Even if you can only afford to contribute $1, why not register your support, and let Ryan know most Nova Scotians are disgusted at Dalhousie’s use of a secret trial to shame a student whose courage and integrity the university should celebrate?

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* An organizer tells me they intended to set the goal at $30,000, but unfamiliarity with the Indiegogo process led to the erroneous entry of $300k.