That Richmond County Appeal Court hearing

The Nova Scotia Court of Appeal sits Thursday to hear Richmond County’s ongoing fight against a Utility and Review Board decision that would trim its county council from 10 members to five. The issue has led to 15 months of rancorous infighting in the municipal government.  See previous posts here and here.

They tell me live tweeting is now allowed in Nova Scotia courts, so I’ll do my best to keep Twitter up to date on the proceeding—bearing in mind that I’m hard of hearing, a poor typist, and my iPhone battery has the staying power of Sonny Liston in Lewiston Maine.

The hearing begins at 11 a.m., Chief Justice J. Michael MacDonald and Associate Justices Joel E. Fichaud and David P.S. Farrar* presiding. That’s a very senior panel for what seems a fairly straightforward case. Not sure what that means. #Richmond @kempthead.

*It always bugs me when court stories fail to name the presiding judge or judges.