Time is not on the teachers’ side


Based mainly on responses to his down-the-middle Facebook posts on the tentative teachers’ agreement, Graham Steele predicts its probable defeat by union members. Social media tends to encourage the most extreme and aggrieved voices, but he may be right.

Here’s the thing: Everyone values good teachers. Good teachers are priceless.*  In reality, though, teaching is like most occupations: a few gems, many duds, most in between. As the conflict drags on, I wonder how the public will react to overwrought voices of grievance from a group of public employees whose compensation and terms of work look pretty good from the outside.

Prolonged disruption that continues to shortchange children will erode public support for teachers in their fight with the McNeil government.

* Too bad unions and school boards cling to an antiquated hiring system—years of torture on the supply list—that drives away the best candidates.