Thank God you’re safe

To my Facebook friends:

Ten of you, some in Toronto, some in Halifax, “marked” yourselves “as safe” on Facebook today after a van crashed onto a crowded North York sidewalk, killing 10 people and injuring many others.

Toronto is a sprawling city of 6.4 million. A very safe city. The event occurred far from downtown. The chances that anyone I know was among the casualties is about the same as my being hit by a van in Nova Scotia: very, very small.

Canada is as safe a place to live as there has ever been, anywhere on Earth at any time in history. Please stop indulging those who would have us live in fear. Fear is a notorious method of social control. Don’t cooperate with attempts to impose it. Stop participating in maudlin claptrap like “marking yourself safe” when no one had any rational basis for thinking you otherwise.

Thank God you’re safe. You were safe yesterday. You will be safe tomorrow. Those who would frighten you do not have your interests at heart, however extravagant their ginned up displays of concern.