There’s a new cafe in Louisbourg. No there isn’t. Yes there is.

The Gaslight Cafe recently opened in Louisbourg, prompting this Facebook post from the always enlightening Alicia Penney:

“I just saw a road sign for a new cafe in Louisbourg, the Gaslight cafe.”
“No, there’s no Gaslight cafe in Louisbourg”
“Yeah I just saw the sign, it’s right back there”
“There was no sign, I don’t know why you think there was”
“Dude, the sign is literally RIGHT BACK THERE”
“I don’t know why you’re acting so crazy because of some imaginary cafe”
“what do you mean imaginary?!!”
“you really need to settle down, you’re starting to freak me out with how hysterical
you’re getting about nothing”