Attention #NSPoli geeks: those tardy poll-by-poll results are finally in

Elections Nova Scotia quietly posted the poll-by-poll results of  the October 8 Nova Scotia election on its website last Thursday

6-PhuddPreliminary poll-by-poll results are normally released immediately after the vote, but this year, for the first time in living memory, elections bureaucrats decided to keep the detailed results to themselves for three weeks. The only explanation offered was that the Chronicle-Herald wasn’t interested in publishing them (as it had traditionally), so Chief Electoral Officer Richard P. Temporale decided no one else could have them either.

Aside from this inexcusable delay, the agency did a good job of presenting the tallies, making them available in both PDF format, with accompanying maps of the polling districts, and as a zip file* of 51 Excel spreadsheets, plus a riding-by-riding summary.

(In the past, Elections Nova Scotia has sometimes deliberately degraded the electronic files it makes public, so as to make them all but impossible for researchers to use. This retrograde practice has eased somewhat since Temporale ascended to the throne.)

I look forward to seeing what map geeks can do with these spreadsheets. Elections Nova Scotia publishes mapping shapefiles on its website for the 51 electoral districts, but alas, not for individual polling districts. It’s possible these might be available on request, but Contrarian may not be the best person to ask.

[*Note: I have not linked directly to the zip file, because I expect doing so would trigger spam filters to reject the daily emailed version  of Contrarian (see “Subscribe to Contrarian” at right). To download the zip file, click here, and then on the words, “Excel format” in the third bullet point.]

Tools for election geeks

Redistribution has changed the boundaries of most of the 51 ridings to be contested in next week’s Nova Scotia election. For the benefit of number-crunching geeks like us, Elections Nova Scotia has thoughtfully projected the poll-by-poll results of the 2006 2009 election (or any subsequent byelection) onto the new electoral districts, and published the results in PDF format. The chart shows how many votes each candidate would have received if the current boundaries had been in effect at the time of the 2006 2009 election.

Here are the results, sorted by riding name (red = Liberal winner; blue = PC):


Here they are again, sorted by the winner’s margin of victory, starting with the tightest race.


Apologies to the Atlantica Party and various independents whom I omitted from these tables to make them readable at Contrarian’s maximum column width. The complete results can be found in the Election Nova Scotia PDF, and in my own Excel spreadsheet, which you can download here. The latter may contain errors; Please let me know if you find any.