Administrivia: missing videos in Contrarian emails

Where possible, I like to embed videos in Contrarian, to save readers the trouble of clicking through to them,  while including the links for those who prefer to view them at source.

Lately, however, most of the embedded videos are disappearing from the emails a few hundred of you use to read Contrarian [see link (1) at right.] At first I assumed this was an artifact of Steve Jobs’s hatred of Adobe Flash, causing the embedded videos to disappear chiefly on iPads and iPhones. But, no, of late they have failed to show up in my regular email program.

Is this true for all readers? Is it caused by some new upgrade to WordPress? To Thunderbird? To Google’s email posting system? To some change in the way websites compose their embed codes? I don’t know, and honestly, there aren’t enough hours in the day for me to track down the answer. If some knowledgeable person out there knows the answer, and a fix, please let me know.

In the meantime, at some sacrifice of graphical purity for those reading posts on the website, I will try to flag the existence of embedded videos, and alternative links if they don’t display in email.

Where did that contrarian fellow go?

Several real life events and issues, most notably including the need to program our fall film series, have kept the cranky fellow from posting in recent days. Apologies to several readers who have inquired.

Over the next week, we’ll do our best to work our way through a backlog of topics including: Reflections on the life and death of Donald Marshall, Jr.; what the sorry state of provincial finances and its analog, the sorry state of our political leadership; a simple way HRM could save money while curbing greenhouse gasses; and a few nuggets about mapping.