Halifax through the eyes of a Brazilian art student

Simone Uriartt, a Brazilian artist studying at NSCAD University, takes an affectionate look at our bustling port-side capital city:

Simone’s studies in Nova Scotia are supported by the Science Without Borders Scholarship Program of the Brazilian National Council for Science and Technological Development. You might also enjoy her Flickr stream.

H/T: Marla Cranston


Kempt Head from the International Space Station

Less than an hour ago, from his perch aboard the International Space Station, Cmdr. Chris Hadfield posted this photo of Contrarian’s Kempt Head, Boularderie Island, home.

Hadfield-Baddeck copy

(Just incidentally, the photo also shows the ice of Baddeck Bay, from which Alexander Graham Bell’s research team flew Canada’s first powered aircraft, the Silver Dart, in 1909, a factoid Hadfield happened to mention.)

For the geographically challenged, Boularderie Island is the slender finger of land extending in from the right edge of the photo. Kempt Head forms the island’s southwestern tip, and is the name applied to the community that occupies the portion of the island shown here.  The picture was taken from an altitude of 370 kilometres.  Cmdr. Hadfield has since moved on, at a speed of about 7.71 kilometres per second.

Click here for the full-sized image.

H/T: Marla Cranston