The CBC defended

A reader writes:

I understand you dislike CBC.  Well that is fine for you, but for those of us who don’t want to listen to the local shows made up of canned music and dubious prattle, the CBC treats their listeners as intelligent human beings. Just don’t listen if you dislike the station.

Point taken. I feel odd defending myself against the proposition that I dislike the CBC, but given recent posts (here and here), I suppose it’s an understandable assumption. As an immigrant who came to Canada after my schooling had ended, I learned most of what I know about Canada from CBC Radio. It was an institution I treasured. I got used to holding it to a high standard, and lately, I’m disappointed a lot. I used to listen all the time. Now I listen much less, and when I do, it’s often via podcasts (with Spark topping the list), perhaps as a way of avoiding the stuff that propels me to toss off snarky posts.