Antidote to Sunday’s disturbing GIRLS episode

Disturbing but brilliant, I should say. Here, Lena Dunham teams up with fashion designer pal Rachel Antonoff to produce a short “nature documentary” about best friends, starring Dunham’s sister, and narrated by Adam Driver.* [Video link]

[For some reason, the embed code for this video resists resizing, but you can click the ‘view full screen’ icon at the bottom.]

* No money shot warning required.

I lost it at the polling booth, & You still don’t own me

On the off chance you may have missed these…

Seventy-seven beautiful women update Leslie Gore’s signature anthem to women’s freedom for the 2012 presidential campaign:

And “Girls” star Lena Dunham is driving sanctimonious Republican hypocrites snaky with this primer on how to lose your electoral cherry: