Sushi Baran Koan

The master and his pupil picked up some Sushi at Sobey’s, and sat in the park to eat it.

“Why does supermarket sushi always come with this green spiky sheet?” the pupil asked.

Baran is the leaf of the aspidistra plant,” replied the master. “It separates the eel from the avocado, and exudes phytoncides to preserve freshness.”

“But it’s plastic,” protested the student.

“Yes,” said the master. “Just as your iPod Nano is no longer vinyl.”

Capitalism fails again – updated x 2

California Strawberries-550

California strawberries on sale at the North Sydney Sobey’s, July 23.

No fruit anywhere surpasses a ripe, Nova Scotia strawberry, yet in twice weekly tours of the supermarket produce section during the height of Nova Scotia strawberry season, I have not seen a single basket of local berries. I’ve seen them at the Farmer’s Daughter in Whycocomagh. I’ve seen them at the roadside stand by the Esso station in Bras d’Or. But not once in Sobey’s or Atlantic Superstore.

C’mon, food giants: Is this really the best you can do?

[Update] Shauna Jones of Angry Sheep Designs writes from Whitehorse to say, “Those exact strawberries are for sale here – $3.87.” Ugh!

[Update x 2] TB assures me that the Sobey’s in Sydney River, where the tasteless, white-fleshed, California-reared, pseudo-berries above were photographed, has had local berries from time to time this summer, but they sell out quickly because — surprise, surprise — “people like them better.”

Funny, but I haven’t seen them run out of Cheerios.

Note to food giant: buy more.