Despite what you may think, the world is improving

In some ways, at least. Our old friend Hans Rosling (previous Contrarian appearances hereherehere, and here) brings us up to date, and highlights the amazing recent prograss in (parts of) Ethiopia:

Rosling’s Gapminder data visualization software now has some tools you can download to your own computer.

Statistician’s guide to darts – updated

[Update below.] Software designer Nick Barry used the mathematics of probability to calculate the optimal darts strategy for players of varying skills, and turned the results in a series of infographics:

The critical issue is: Which part of the board should players of varying skills aim for?

Should they aim for the triple 20, with a big payout on a success, but a low score from a miss? Or, should they aim for the bullseye?

Alternatively, is there some other optimal location on the board they can aim for that, whilst not the highest scoring region, has a large expanse of middle-of-the-road point values. Would aiming for this region, even with an inaccurate shot, get a reasonable number of points such that, on average, the expected score is the highest that can be achieved?

The true answer to this riddle, as we will see, is that “it depends…”

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